Madni Academy Celebrates Ofsted Success

Students at Madni Academy were treated to a celebratory pizza meal following a good report from the education watchdogs. An Ofsted inspection in February 2019 stated Madni Academy remains a good school and highlights that the attainment of our students is higher than the national average.

Madni Secondary- GOOD  Madni Primary – GOOD   Madni Early Years- GOOD

This is an amazing achievement for our school community given the changing inspection regimes, and is indicative of the sustained nature of the high-level education provided at the school.

Our success reflects the dedication and partnership between governors, staff, pupils, parents and the local community.  The Ofsted team recognised that the ‘head teacher has a clear vision for the school; this is shared by staff and governors,’ they continue, ‘Staff, leaders and governors have high aspirations for pupils’ academic success.’

In the inspection report, Ofsted said that ‘pupils are making good progress from their different starting points because of effective teaching and that they ‘show very positive attitudes towards their learning, have great pride in their work and are eager to learn and make progress.’ The inspectors were impressed with the teaching they saw in the classrooms, as well as the work in pupils’ books and highlighted that, ‘teachers set high expectations and ‘demonstrate good subject knowledge and ‘Leaders have high aspirations for all pupils.’

The inspectors identified significant strengths at the school, and were particularly impressed by pupils’ progress saying, ‘They have created a culture of high expectations…as a result, ‘attainment of pupils at Key Stage 2 and GCSE is higher than national averages’.

The inspectors further complemented the excellent behaviour of our students and their positive attitudes to learning and to others around them:
‘Pupils are very proud of their school…they are tolerant and have respect for cultures other than their own…pupils behave exceptionally well in lessons and around the school.’ They further stated, ‘Staff have created a culture where pupils feel confident to express their views and opinions. ‘Pupils contribute to the community and demonstrate tolerant views.’

I am delighted with the inspection report which recognises the excellent work of Madni Academy and the high expectations we have for all our students. I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful support we receive from our parents and carers in the school community. The report reaffirms our school is a caring, lively and vibrant learning community and all staff are committed to ensuring pupils succeed. We look forward to continuing our journey of excellence.

Mrs Shakera Mirza